Cracking the Code: HR Intel on Civilian Employment

Introduction to Cracking the Code with Brig Berthold (US Army, Retired, 2009-2017), Rick Silva (SHRM-SCP, SPHR)(US Army, Retired, 1997-2019), and John Serpa (USMC, Retired, 1997-2018). (Transcript).

This course was created to assist Veterans, Reservists and Guardsmen in securing civilian employment and excelling on the job after completing military service. View our latest Press Release.

Different Than A Military Transition Course

This course covers aspects of recruiting and advancement that are not typically addressed in military “transition” courses because it directly reflects the perspectives of civilian human resource professionals. These are people dedicated to recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing employees on behalf of their companies. These professionals have made it their life’s work to find and build human potential in the workplace.

The human resource professionals featured in this course will let you “peek behind the curtain” and see how the “secret sauce” is made. By listening to their insights in answer to Veterans’ questions, you will be better positioned to secure and excel in civilian employment.

Course Format and Features

This course consists of recorded interviews with seasoned, experienced HR professionals. It also contains short videos  featuring Veterans’ transition experiences. Worksheets are included to provide you with the tools you need to put learning into practice.

Cracking the Code includes the following lessons:

  1. The Civilian Job Search Landscape
  2. Marketing Yourself
  3. Job Search Techniques
  4. Interview Techniques
  5. Closing the Deal
  6. Communication & Work/Life Balance
  7. Thriving on the Job
  8. Wrap Up

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All Veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists are invited to use this course to aid in the transition from military to civilian employment. Create a “membership” to access the course contents at no cost.

Created by Experts in HR

This course was inspired and developed by military Veterans that are now working in civilian careers as human resources professionals, along with members of the Greenville Society for Human Resource Management (Greenville SHRM). This is a project of the Greenville SHRM Workforce Inclusion Committee, and all HR professionals featured herein are members of Greenville SHRM. Most are certified in HR and have earned the SHRM Foundation Veterans at Work Certification.

SHRM Chapters Nationwide

Greenville SHRM is pleased to share this series with other SHRM chapters and state councils throughout the United States. Please see the Instructor’s Guide for information on how to use this course to enhance connections with Veterans and Veterans organizations in your area.

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